Asexual person turned their parents to the police for arm possession after they disowned them


The parents of an asexual person were convinced their child was gay and threatened to send them to conversion therapy and kicked them out of home. After that the person informed the police that their father possessed an unlicensed firearm. The person, who is a Canadian citizen identified on Reddit by initials OP, asked the fellow users whether they were a bad person doing so. They told him they were not. Moreover, their parents are also “withholding” all of their possessions. “I’m arranging a police escort when I show up with a u-haul as I wouldn’t feel safe going there alone or with just a friend,” they said, “and the majority of my family doesn’t speak to me.” While some hit back that, according to local law, the parents could have called law enforcement and accused their own child of trespassing.


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