Nicola Sturgeon wants Scotland to be the world leader in the LGBT reforms


The SNP is the only major party to release a specific LGBT+ manifesto ahead of the election, but its leader, the First Minister of Scotland, promises to get as much as possible from the party’s influence on the British government to help Scottish folks, in part LGBT ones, insisting that the future of Scotland should depend on Scotts, not on the PM, whose politics she does not agree with. “I’m proud that under the SNP government Scotland has become the best country in the UK for LGBTI rights, and is among the best in the world. We are committed to going further to secure full equality for LGBTI people,” she said, listing all the LGBT-related laws, initiated by SNP. Claiming theirs is “the most extensive LGBTI equality manifesto of any major party”, the SNP commits to furthering its reputation for LGBT+ progress by introducing a ‘X’ gender marker on passports, further discrimination protections, and NHS-funded PrEP across the UK.


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