Nigerians are massively arrested for same-sex affection


47 men from Nigeria hauled into court on the same day for displaying a same-sex affection. The men appeared in court in Lagos, and were among 57 men who arrested during a police raid on a hotel in 2018 as they were accused of having a secret gay club, even though they said it was a birthday party. According to Reuters, police are currently trying to track down 10 more men who refused to come to the trial. The case was adjourned and if the defendants are ready to pay the bail of 1 383 dollars, they can be free. In 2014 former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan signed into law the “same-sex marriage prohibition act (SSMPA)” which ruled that being in a same-sex couple in any form, including marriage, civil unions and even relationships, would be imprisoned up to 14 years.


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