Only one in 10 trans prisoners is put in a gender-correct facility


Government figures have revealed that while more than half of UK prisons house transgender prisoners, less than one-tenth of trans inmates are put in prison that corresponds with their actual gender. A Ministry of Justice report said that of 163 trans inmates in England and Wales, only 11 are housed in the correct facility for their gender. Officials counted 130 trans women in the prison system. Worryingly, 119 of those were housed in men’s prisons, with a further 11 in women’s prisons. As for trans men, all 20 of those researched were put in female prisons. The research also showed that there were 13 non-binary prisoners, but of course, there is no such thing as non-binary or gender-neutral prisons, so they are also put in prisons that do not correspond with their gender identity. The report continued: “Prisoners were asked to specify another identity and 88 gave a response – 15 identified as gender-fluid, eight as transvestite, seven as intersex, six as non-binary and the remaining 51 preferred not to say.” The statistics in England and Wales showed that the percentage of transgender prisoners counts 0.2%.


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