Bi teen killed himself after being outed online, police do nothing


16-year-old Channing Smith, from Manchester, Tennessee, had confided in a few friends that he was bisexual, but he did not reveal it publicly. Later he quarreled with one of his classmates and screenshots of romantic messages Smith sent to another boy were spread via Facebook. On Sunday, September 22, Smith tragically took his own life. His family had been urging Coffee County district attorney Craig Northcott to bring charges against the teens that the attorney is anti-LGBT himself. The district attorney previously faced criticism for saying he wouldn’t prosecute in cases of LGBT+ domestic violence because he does not believe it to be a real marriage. In this particular case he also found no crime. Smith’s family did not directly blame Northcott, but instead called for the modernization of laws to provide repercussions for minors like the ones who outed the boy.


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