Gender-fluid woman was denied haircut at barber’s because she was not a man


Posting on Reddit, the woman, who is in her twenties, says that her usual barber moved away so she tried to get a new one. She usually does her hair at barbers’ because it is cheaper and she is not forced into doing it more feminine (which she does not like). After her usual barber moved, she found a new place that looked good at the recommendation of a male friend, walked in and requested a haircut. “The barber looked at me strangely,” she posted. “He said they don’t do women’s haircuts.” After she clarified that she wanted a “men’s barber haircut” the barber still refused, telling her to go to a hair salon instead. She expressed her irritation on her city’s LGBT+ Facebook page and made a post that said: “gender non-conforming women, don’t bother with this barber. He doesn’t serve us.” And then, one of her friends got in touch to say that it was too much and that she “could seriously hurt a small business”. So, she posted on Reddit and asked whether it was ok for her to speak out. Most users agreed that it was.


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