Woman will spend 25 years behind bars for killing gay son


Tatiana Ferreira Lozano Pereira murdered her son Itaberli Lozano because she could not accept he was gay. According to Out, Lozano had gone to stay with his grandmother because of the fights with his mother, but on December 29 2016 to talk. The 17-year-old hoped it would fix his relationships with mom, but instead he was beaten by two hitmen she had hired. They did not want to kill him, so the mother did it herself. Pereira and her husband, Lozano’s stepfather, then took his body to a cane field to get rid of it by burning. According the Brazilian news site Estadão, Pereira was convicted of murder and concealing a body, and sentenced to 25 years and eight months in prison. The two hitmen were each sentenced to 21 years and eight months in prison, also for murder. Lozano’s stepfather has been charged with concealing a body, but his trial is to be held later. The killer said she had not killed her son because of his sexuality but because he had abused drugs, she plans to appeal her sentence.


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