Kate and Helen Richardson-Walsh on anti-LGBT discrimination in sport


In 2016, the star hockey players made history as the first-ever same-sex couple to win Olympic gold medals playing on the same team. They got married in 2013, and have recently announced that they started a journey to parenting. Kate and Helen said they homophobia in sport exists but men are more affected due to the stereotypes about toxic masculinity, female sport in general and female hockey in part is less aggressive, they feel, so they believe they are the lucky ones. But still, homophobia exists, and they, as gay women, notice it even when nobody else can see it. “The conversation recently around Maya Forstater, who JK Rowling came out in support of, I just feel like there’s no sense of ‘I’m going to sit down and talk to some people, I’m going to talk to some trans men and trans women, I’m going to try and listen to their experience and try to understand where they’re coming from,” Kate said


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