Gay couple was brutally beaten for holding hands


In Pasco, Washington, US, the couple were reportedly harassed and attacked by the gang on December 22 2019. One of the victims suffered from bone fractures and was left in a concussion. Four men are arrested in connection with the attack and charged with a second degree assault. The victims do not doubt that the attack was homophobic in nature, as the thugs yelled homophobic slurs while beating them, and it was confirmed by at least 8 witnesses. The men then punched one victim in the face, witnesses said, before kicking him repeatedly after he fell to the floor. While the gang fled, the men were arrested by authorities and identified. The men were booked into the Franklin County Jail. One victim suffered a concussion and bone fractures, court documents said, and that he was left bleeding on the floor. The gang of four, identified as Pedro Mata Contreras (36), Oscar Emestor Mata (38), Ulises Missael Reyes-Mata (24) and Jose Torres (37), were all charged with felony malicious harassment. They all plead not guilty.


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