KFC Jamaica apologized for homophobic abuse against a customer


An image was posted to Twitter on Monday of the publicly-visible order screen at a KFC in Kingston, Jamaica displaying the dietary instruction “PLZ GIVE THIS BATTYMAN A BIG BREAST” below an order for a chicken box meal. The offended customer wrote a very emotional respond for it, the main idea of which is tat6 situations like this are nothing but an example of a Jamaican society going a completely wrong way. A statement on behalf of KFC Jamaica admitted an unacceptable behavior of their worker and offered a sincere apology to the customer. “We take a strong stance against anything that supports or perpetuates discriminatory behavior. Our brand was built on values much similar to what binds us as Jamaican people. We emphasize living these values of doing what is right, respecting others and serving our customers with nothing short of excellence. We recognize that our quality of service and our standards have been significantly compromised and we assure our customers that the disciplinary process will be expedited to address this behavior,” the statement concludes.


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