Layla Moran shuts down myth she came out for career benefits


Liberal Democrat MP and potential party leader Layla Moran revealed that she is in relationships with a woman not because it would boost her ratings. The MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, who was first elected to parliament in 2017, is in a relationship with former Lib Dem head of media Rosy Cobb. Moran has since been accused of “cheaply weaponising” her sexuality to “look woke” and further her career in a Mail on Sunday article, which was mostly based on qupotes from anti-LGBT forum users. Responding to the accusations, Moran wrote in a piece for indy100 that she did not choose to be pansexual, this is a part of who she is and she will still be pansexual even if she refused to speak about it. She has been already dating Rosy, and moreover, the journalists knew about it, targeting Moran and her family. If she did not come out herself, she would be outed, and it would not benefit her career anyhow. ““I hadn’t yet told my 92-year-old grandma who reads their paper ‘just for the crossword’ and I couldn’t bear the idea she would see it before anything else. I have learnt that reporters have been offering money and doorstepping houses of an ex-boyfriend and former neighbors looking for information about either of us. All because I had the prerogative and confidence to tell our story myself,” she said.


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