Senator from the town called Snowflake explained why her anti-homosexuality bill was dropped


Arizona senator Sylvia Allen was forced to backtrack on Senate Bill 1082, a bill that would have erased all the LGBT+ matters from the school curricula. The legislation would also prevent children under 12 from receiving any form of sex education, and require all curricula to be available for public comment for at least 60 days before a school board could adopt it. Later she agreed to compromise about it in the wake of a backlash, ensuring that homosexuality would not actually be removed. But the bill still was dropped, and Allen says it is because “It has a label on it now and people are backing away. ‘Oh, we can’t support something if the perception is it is anti-gay.’” Allen was in Washington DC for the first day of hearings in the Senate Education Committee, at which her bill was scheduled for discussion. She had planned for 30 witnesses to testify on behalf of the bill. She has now conceded that her legislation has no hope of passing because of the radical opposition from the LGBT campaigners.


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