Serial rapist’s sentence will be reviewed


The sentence for rapist Reynhard Sinaga was deemed “unduly lenient” and now it is expected to be reviewed. Sinaga was sentenced to serve a minimum of 30 years behind bars after being found guilty of 136 counts of rape, predominantly against straight men who he would target outside different venues of Manchester. Attorney general Geoffrey Cox referred the case to the Court of Appeal, describing the sentencing as “unduly lenient”. He insisted on Sinaga being imprisoned for life. He said: “Sinaga carried out an egregious number of attacks, over a prolonged period of time causing substantial pain and psychological suffering to his victims. It is now for the court to decide whether to increase the sentence.” The 36-year-old PhD student was found guilty of attacking 48 men, drugging and raping them. The majority of his victims were heterosexual. He spiked victims with sedatives to render them unconscious – then filmed himself raping them, in many cases repeatedly for hours on end. The vast majority of victims did not know what had happened to them.


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