Health secretary Matt Hancock on the necessity to do more for HIV/AIDS healthcare


Health secretary Matt Hancock is facing calls to roll out PrEP across England, after celebrating a fall in HIV transmissions. He called it great news, but insisted that there is a lot of more work to be done to fully correct the injustice and to end the HIV transmission fully. Public Health England attributed some of the fall in HIV transmissions can be attributed to growing use of PrEP, which is recommended for use by at-risk gay men and trans people and can eliminate the risk of HIV infection. However, while PrEP is now fully available in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, England still requires a trial basis to gain access to PrEP. Deborah Gold of National AIDS Trust said: “The Government must once and for all deliver the funding necessary to enable routine commissioning of PrEP as part of a comprehensive and properly funded sexual health service.”


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