Republican defends ‘gay cure therapy’ and says all gay people are sexual assault victims


Paul Gazelka, the majority leader in the Minnesota state senate, told the evangelical Truth and Liberty Coalition that he does not support the conversion therapy ban because he believes that these practices help to deal with the negative consequences of sexual assaults. The Republican lawmaker – who has blocked efforts to ban conversion therapy in the state – claimed in the interview that the issue of sexuality is too complicated and young people are often confused about it. “I think the best place to land is let the church have the total freedom to do as they please, and then for professional counselors, if an adolescent comes into their office, says ‘I have unwanted same-sex attraction’, I’m hoping that counselor can say ‘How can I help you?’” he said. It is known that Mr. Gazelka sent his own child to such a therapy and he was sure that he was healing them.


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