Non-binary Muslim writer is devastated as the queer refugee story was banned in 12 countries


Titled “The Son”, the episode of Apple TV Plus’ Little America which spotlights gay Muslim refugees features actor Haaz Sleiman and Adam Ali as the two leads. It explores the true story of a gay Syrian refugee who tried to find a new home in the USA. But one of the episode’s writers, non-binary drag queen Amrou Al-Kadhi, did not hide their deep disappointment when they found out that the sow was banned in 10 Arabic countries and in Russia. While being a writer who is themselves a queer person of color, they realize how important iyt is to represent the struggle of their community on the media. They could not work on the film oin the USA because they are Muslims and Donald Trump is against Muslim migrants, so they were relocated in Canada. “I wish commissioners would trust us to tell the stories we want to tell within our own framework, rather than trying to pigeonhole our work through an existing rubric – which is more often than not, white and straight,” he added.


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