Tool company mocks gay builders and ignores criticism


The ‘comedy’ post to the Toolfolks Facebook page had said that one of their customers had forgotten his back in the shop and the bag contained: pictures of Gay and Young Guys magazines, a picture of Little Britain gay character Daffyd, and a book bearing the title “Gay builders do it better.” as the Facebook users started to criticize the company for it, they removed the post, but refused to give any apology. The Manchester-based company spokesperson told the Manchester Evening News that its critics are “snowflakes” as they reacted like this on a joke about something ‘embarrassing’ found in a tool bag. Joke is when at least someone laughs. Embarrassing is when you find there something that might discredit you. There is nothing discrediting in being gay, but what is really embarrassing is that so many people in 2020 think there is, and moreover, they find it a background for jokes.


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