Jess Phillips quits Labour leadership race

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - JANUARY 14: Jess Phillips arrives at a city centre homeless shelter on January 14, 2020 in Glasgow, Scotland. (Photo by David Cheskin/Getty Images)

Jess Phillips withdrew her candidature from the Labour Party leadership battle. Phillips, a woman’s rights campaigner, was trailing behind frontrunners Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey. In a message to supporters, Phillips said that her supporters should not feel like they lost, she is still fighting for changing the Labour Party and the whole Britain, and the voices of people who backed her will be heard. Tens thousands people who sent support too Phillips will still be able to change the world if they want to, and she won’t let them down, but she does not feel she fits for the role of the party leader. “In order to do that, the Labour Party will need to select a candidate that can support all parts of our movement. The union movement, the members, the elected representatives – and I have to be honest with myself that at this time, that person isn’t me,” she said, “In order to win the country, we are going to have to find a candidate in this race who can do all of that and then take that message out to the country, of hope and change for things to be better.”


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