Pete Buttigieg was accused of spying for CIA because of his ‘hypnotic’ eyes


‘Guys with blue eyes are handsome’ – many of people attracted to men will say, – ‘Their eyes are hypnotizing’. Nothing is unusual in it, but there are some people who would believe hypnotizing heavenly-blue eyes a reasonable argument to accuse a person of spying for CIA. Pete Buttigieg has been accused of being ‘too gay’, ‘too Christian’ or ‘not Christian enough’, ‘too Democrat’ and so on, but here is one more set of ‘flaws’ – his eyes are too blue and his midwestern accent is too charming, he is too intelligent and knows too many languages. If these words came from some random person from the public, it would sound like a start of the speech expressing admiration, or even a crush if it was said by a gay/bi man or a straight/bi woman. But YouTube conspiracy theorist Steve Poikonen ended this speech with words ‘he is probably a CIA agent’. “Put together, a picture forms of an elite-educated, multi-language-speaking employee of the CIA’s consulting firm who currently serves as an intelligence officer in the naval reserves. If you created a CIA asset in a lab, you’d wind up with Pete Buttigieg,” Poikonen told The Daily Beast.


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