Swiss chocolatier says he cannot be homophobic because he has gay workers


Johannes Läderach, an evangelical Christian and head of Swiss chocolatier Läderach, has made numerous comments opposing gay people’s right to marry, saying it is not a real family and not a real marriage the way God created it to be. He is a member of the anti-LGBT+, anti-abortion organization Christianity for Today. And the leader of this group is his father. But as he came under fire for it, he said he was not homophobic because there are gay people working for him. The LGBT+ community in Switzerland has been calling for a boycott of the chocolate shops. “No one at Läderach is homophobic – neither the management nor the staff. We have homosexuals working for us. We don’t ask about it,” the owner said, insisting that his chocolate shops did not tolerate discrimination in any form. He continued: “I don’t want to stop fighting for my Christian values just because we’re having success as a company. Ultimately what counts is not how much profit we make but whether we stand by our convictions.”


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