Trans prisoner in Canada was banned from moving to female facility again


Jamie Boulachanis, 46, was convicted in 2016 of murdering 32-year-old Robert Tanguay two decades earlier. In 2018, a psychiatrist diagnosed her with gender dysphoria and she was allowed to start hormone treatment. But she is still in a male prison where fellow inmates harass her, and when she complains to the staff, they laugh at her instead of trying to protect her. “It’s humiliating and stressful,” Boulachanis told a Quebec Superior Court judge, saying that as these incidents are viewed individually they can seem small, but all together they made her imprisonment literally unbearable. But the woman had several escape attempts, and she will be more likely to succeed with it in a female prison because female prisons have a lower degree of safety. And if she escapes, it will be socially dangerous because she is a convicted murderer. The trial results are to be revealed later.


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