6 teens physically abused a gay author


A gay author has been left with a broken nose and cheekbone after a group of young individuals committed an act of physical assault, apparently motivated by the man’s sexuality. Irish author Gavin McCrea was walking in Dartry Park in Rathmines, Dublin, at around 6pm on February 1 when he was set upon by the group of boys, the Irish Times reports. The man was on the phone with his uncle when a group of boys started throwing stones at him and yelling hateful slurs. The boys ran away when the gay writer flagged down cars in an effort to escape, bu7t the attackers approached him again less than in 20 minutes. He was punched and kicked and had his cheekbone and nose broken during the attack. The Irish police investigate the incident as a possible hate crime, no arrests have been made so far. McCrea has been “overwhelmed” by the love and support he has received since the attack, but was disheartened when he received a €100 bill from the hospital he went to with his injuries. He said the bill made him “furious”, and it felt like “the final kick”.


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