Bishop who held mass exorcism over same-sex marriage now expresses anti-trans views


A Catholic bishop in Illinois, who performed an exorcism when the state legally permitted same-sex marriages, now redirected his aggression on transgender people. Thomas Paprocki, bishop of Springfield previously said that homosexuality came from the devil and should be treated as such. Now Paprocki has released a “pastoral guide” on gender identity which compares gender dysphoria to anorexia, and states that all diocese staff as well as students at Catholic schools within the diocese, must conduct in accordance with the sex they were assigned at birth. The policy insists that all employees, volunteers and students use “gender pronouns, along with bathroom and locker room use and sports activities that acknowledge their God-given biology”. If these rulings are disobeyed, teachers will be fired and students will be expelled. He expressly forbid anything that could affirm the gender of a trans person, including gender affirmation surgery which he describes as “intrinsically evil”. The bishop said that gender dysphoria could be “reasonably compared” to a psychiatric disorder which can potentially lead to death


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