The safety tips every LGBT+ person should act on before they travel


Everybody enjoys traveling, and LGBT people are not an exception. But do they really realize how important is their safety during the trip? Here are gathered some tips to avoid troubles while traveling.
1. Take in account some countries, where homosexual sex is criminalized. There around 70 such countries around the world, among them Africa, Asia (South-East and Middle East) and the Caribbean.
2. Make sure your insurance covers you and your family members. You should protect not only your luggage, but also your health.
3. Don’t forget documents for non-binary and trans people. Travel document should match your gender.
4. Never forget – sex should be safe. Take lube and condoms because either in the country you stay there are condoms of bad quality, or it’s not easy available.
5. Learn your rights while border searching. A lot of border officials don’t detail LGBT training. You can face different anomalies in your body.
There is not the whole list of things you shouldn’t forget while traveling. But if you remember these 5 main tips, your vacation will be much easier.


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