Wife suspects husband might be gay after discovering he’s been swapping nudes with men on Grindr


A woman introduced herself as Mandy is really confused. She bumped into her man’s profile on Grindr and it took her breath literally away. Mandy and her husband spent happy ten years together. But one day something changed. He took a shower and left his blackberry in the room. I wanted to look for their holiday snaps but noticed Grindr. He opened it. Just as a matter of interest. “ My husband has been sending pics of his dick to lots of guys. Then they have been sending these pics back. He was always out of my control. What should I do now?” Mandy asks. Now her marriage is at risk. Mandy doesn’t want her husband to be gay. And she doesn’t want her husband to share pictures of his dick to strange guys. A woman is about to discuss this unclear situation and to form the right decision.


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