Stephen Fry is the latest Sourdough Gay turning to baking to get through the pandemic


Stephen Fry is an English actor and popular comedian, who joined gay activists that aim to treat the LGBT community with politeness. Fry has become the latest gay man, who bakes sourdough bread. In such way he wants to make it through the Covid-19. He is very proud of himself. Moreover, gay comedian shared his recipe: “We need just water and flour (75 grams) and the main thing is TIME.” Fry made a Twit with picture of two sourdough breads and wrote that “sourdough starter is breeding so fast”. He explained a lot of gays have already made this bread, because they have time to stay at home under the pandemic. Comedian is sure, sourdough brings joy. Stephen Fry added that there are thousands of different recipes in Internet and wished a good luck.


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