Teacher tried to put a shame on pupils asking them publicly whether they were queer


A mother says she’s been forced to take her child away from school and to educate her by herself because of a hateful teacher. Jezenia Gambino pulled her preteen daughter out of Northport K-8 in Port St Lucie, Florida, after the teacher asked a girl to comment the rumors about her alleged crush on a female classmate in front of the class. Gambino said she “asked them in a way that they felt they were in trouble”. The girl only told her mother about the incident after she received a text from her friend from which it was clear she was broken down. After Gambino complained to the school principal the St Lucie County School District opened a brief investigation, which led to the teacher being reported to the Florida Department of Education for engaging in inappropriate communication, and had been given a verbal warning. Gambino feels that officials haven’t gone far enough to remedy the situation.


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