Trump administration hands $500,000 of federal funds to anti-LGBT group


The Trump administration is under fire after awarding $500,000 in federal funds to Hookers for Jesus, a religious group known for its crucial views on the LGBT rights, Reuters report. Reuters revealed that the US Department of Justice has opted to overrule the decision recommended by an independent review in order to strip $1 million in funding from two long-established nonprofits and reallocate them to the conservative groups like this one. Hookers for Jesus, an Arizona-based evangelical non-profit group, was selected for a grant on activism against human trafficking. The group runs an Arizona “safe house” for women that has strict conduct rules in line with the beliefs of founder Annie Lobert, requiring residents to attend church and even banning the reading of “secular magazines with articles, pictures, etc. that portray worldly views/advice on living, sex, clothing, makeup tips”. Of course, any relations to homosexuality are in the list of forbidden things because the group proclaims it as immoral and sinful.


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