Artwork for Lady Gaga’s new album Chromatica has reportedly leaked online


The millions of Lady Gaga’s fans have been waiting for her 6th album for so long. This album called Chromatica should be released on the 10th of April. Unfortunately, the release has to be delayed. It is connected with the COID-19 pandemic worldwide. Gagamade aPost in Instagram She wrote fans that it doesn’t feel right to release Chromatica right now in such challenging time. So she wants to wait a bit. Chromatica was kept in secret. But the image was revealed on a Czech website CD Hudba. Yes, it was quickly deleted. But just imagine how many fans of Gaga are crazy. They had enough time to make screenshots. All the fans are sure this image is an album cover. But this information remains still not confirmed.Now we have just to wait till the pandemic ends and ones we can buy the new album.


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