Lil Nas X says he ‘planned to die with the secret’ of his sexuality – then Old Town Road happened


Lil Nas X became known at the age of 19 and has got the great popularity thanks his hit ‘Old Town Road’. This hit was viral in TikTok last year. Some months later his fans found out he is a gay. He made it at Glastonbury where thousands of people gathered. But the problem is the singer didn’t want to come out at all. He made it only because he became famous. He said he wanted to die with this secret. He told some interesting facts about his childhood. Lil Nas raised in Georgia. It was a place, where people faced homophobia. He decided then, he will never come out. In his childhood he liked to watch different fashion shows. He adored outfits and dreamed about it. But didn’t know, some years later he will be able to buy such outfits. The new album of the singer will explore his queer identity.


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