Rush Limbaugh, who was just awarded the Medal of Freedom sees a problem in Pete Buttigieg kissing husband


Rush Limbaugh, who was recently awarded the Medal of Freedom by Donald Trump, has said Pete Buttigieg kissing his husband would be difficult for some parents. “So I saw a political ad, where Mayor Pete, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, going on and on and on and on and on, about how parents in America are struggling to explain president Trump to their children,” Limbaugh said, according to Media Matters. Later he showed a picture of Buttigieg kissing his husband Chasten in lips and asked how to explain this. He then criticized Buttigieg for kissing his husband “frequently”, because as we all know, all people kiss their spouses, but not all straight people get it when gay people do this. The comments come just a week after Trump awarded Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Addressing Limbaugh – who recently revealed a cancer diagnosis – during the State of the Union last week, Trump said: “I am proud to announce tonight that you will be receiving our country’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.”


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