Trans Vietnam Veteran calls out Donald Trump


Mia Yamamoto now works as a lawyer, but this transgender Japanese-American woman has an experience of serving in Vietnam, and it makes her devastated that the President is banning people of her community from serving. She says that such a ban is a humiliating act of oppression towards the transgender Americans. Yamamoto came out as trans only aged 60, as she is from that generation which could hardly get what it meant to be transgender, and even if they came in terms with who they were, the standards of the society back then did not allow them to speak their truth. It took years for the transgender community to be heard and included, to have themselves acknowledged by their compatriots, and now the President forces them back in closets. She said that trans people “are not the only ones that have been targeted” by the Trump administration, noting that women of color, LGBT+ people and Muslims have also faced discrimination. “We [transgender people] have something to offer the country. We believe in this country as much as anybody else,” she added.


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