Woman escorted off tram by police after a homophobic rant


A woman was caught on camera launching into a homophobic tirade, claiming that the “gay community run the police” before the police led her out. Commuters boarding a tram in Melbourne heard one of their fellow passengers yelling anti-gay slurs to the tram driver. Carrying a Aldis grocery bag and wearing a denim vest decorated with badges and iron-on patches, including one saying ‘Police’, the woman, who has yet to be identified, was recorded yelling “You are the police!” Then she noticed that she was filmed and redirected her hate to the man with the phone. She then accused the passenger filming her of assaulting her and that law enforcement will only come if somebody is physically hurt. On the halted tram the pair exchange a heated argument as passengers dived deep into the mobile phones. She claimed she did “nothing wrong”. However, the person filming hit back: “But you don’t have to get all homophobic on the driver.” She then demanded the cops catch the name of the person filming, refusing to exit the tram carriage until then. The woman then did one final reprieve: “He’s gay [the person filming], he’s gay [the tram driver] and you’re gay [the police officer]”.


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