Jimmy Fallon thought his career was over when he called RuPaul a drag queen


The Tonight Show host quizzed RuPaul about his recent Vanity Fair cover, and referred to it as “first time a drag queen” has ever graced the glossy pages of the magazine. “A drag queen?” Ru shouts, “a drag queen?” And that is where the presenter’s heart stopped. “I am the queen of drag!” RuPaul then clarified, and the host breathed out with a visible relief. The moment went viral on Twitter after one user’s video tallied more than eight million views. “I go, ‘That’s it, I’m cancelled, I gotta starts my own #JimmyFallonIsOverParty,’” Fallon later said, but when he realized that he actually said nothing wrong or offensive to RuPaul, he admitted it was a funny moment.


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