Police chief suspended after claiming officer and ‘protector of the LGBT+ community’ died of coronavirus ‘because he was gay’


Shannon Bennett,Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy, died of COVID-19 on the third of April. In the middle of the March he felt bad and was hospitalized. His test for virus was positive one week before he died. Bennett was gay. He wanted to tie the knot with his friend this year. Dale Engle, Police chief of Davie, told that Bennettcaught the virus because he was gay. After that Dale Englewas suspended. He was placed on Administrative leave. The allegations have to be investigated. Richard Lemack, Administrator of Davie’s Town said these words about Shannon Bennett are unacceptable and shameful. “Engle hat no right to say that”, Lemack added. Shannon Bennett was a good person. He worked there 12 years long. Many of colleagues called him brother.


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