Franklin Graham says he does not know the word ‘homophobia’


As evangelical preacher Franklin Graham was dropped by every single venue in the UK where he planned to preach because of his visible homophobia, he claims not even to know what it is. In an interview with Premier Christian News, responding to the backlash against his tour, Graham was asked whether he was going to apologize for his homophobia. The pastor replied that he is not ready to apologize for something if he does not understand what it means. Asked if he wanted apologize to people that had been hurt by his anti-LGBT+ comments, Graham said that he had never hated anybody, had never been against anybody and had never meant to hurt anybody, but if there was something in his words to make them think otherwise then he is sorry. “I’m here to say that God loves you. God is willing to forgive sin. If we will repent and believe in the name of his son, Jesus Christ, we will be forgiven,” Graham said.


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