Gay Sitges


Dreaming about Sitges for a long time? It’s exactly where you should go for your vacation. It is likely; it is among the gayest Spanish towns. The first gay 80s’ disco was here, in Sitges. Picturesque landscapes, sunny beaches, restaurants and bars, unforgettable festivals – that is all you need. You can enjoy beautiful historic architecture here. Although there are a lot of gay bars and clubs, Sitges isn’t exclusively gay. The majority visitors are straight here. But here you meet more gay visitors than in other resorts. Restaurants in Sitges are really good. If you want to enjoy your meal, than come and enjoy. What more, restaurants in Sitges are affordable; they are cheaper than Ibiza’s venues. Some restaurants have even gay owners. So there are a lot of places where you can find new friends or chat and chill. If you get bored,Barcelonais just one hour by train. Taxi is available here as well.


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