Jessica Simpson was called a lesbian because she survived sexual abuse


Actress and singer Jessica Simpson shared that she had been a victim of a sexual abuse from a family friend as her no less famous sibling Ashlee was sleeping in the same bed. The popstar-turned-clothing mogul said she was abused by a girl a year older than her, from the age of “5 or 6… until 12”. Jessica lied in the middle to protect her sister from that girl. Because she knew her abuser was herself a sexual abuse survivor, Jessica kept the secret. At school Simpson confided in somebody who she considered a close friend, who promptly told all of her peers and then the whole school started calling her a lesbian and she did not know the meaning of that word back then. She was head cheerleader at the time, but quit after her classmates started gossiping about her outside the school. Simpson told Dr Oz that she confronted and forgave her abuser years after the abuse had ended.


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