Teenager vandalises lesbian couple’s house and car with hateful homophobia and crude graffiti penises


More and more LGBT people became victims of hate. It happened to one lesbian couple from India. Katrina and Keri Sprinkle, a lesbian couple, made post on Facebook. It was a picture of horrible vandalism act. Women noticed graffito: one was on their car and included words “lesbin” and “queer”, on the walls of their house were painted penises. They were shocked. “I just started crying because it was that whole feeling of violation”, Keri explained. This post on Facebook got more than 6,000 shares. Keri and Katrina didn’t expect it at all. “We’re so grateful for and humbled by all of the love and support”, they wrote on Facebook. Women are trying to find a person or group of people who did it. Women are sure that love always wins.


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