Discover the Top 3 LGBTQ Destinations for 2020


We are staying and home now. Yes. But everyone hopes that this horror ends as fast as it began and we will travel as before. So let us dream about our vacation after lockdown. There are 3 best destinations for you vacation this year.
1. Baltimore. If you are interested in different museums, good restaurants and history, you need to go there. Baltimore Pride 2020 was supposed to hold here in June. But probably it will be delayed or cancelled. It’s not a big deal. It is a great place to be.
2. Cancun. If you are a seaside lover, this is exactly for you. There are so many all-inclusive hotels meeting gay couples all over the world. Sunny beaches, cocktails. Do you need moreparadise?
3. Costa Rica. Don’t you know? Costa Ricais about to legalize same-sex marriages this May. So you have one reason more why you need to book a ticket to this country. There are two different oceans for you here. Which one do you prefer?


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