Father would rather be imprisoned than let his son know about gay people


The first parent to face prosecution for not letting their child attend LGBT-inclusive lessons does not regret about it. Jabar Hussain, 51, removed his nine-year-old son from school last September following a row over the school’s LGBT+ inclusive curriculum. Hussain has been told by Birmingham City Council that he faces a parenting order, a fine of up to £1,000 and a year in prison but he still believes it to be better than letting a 9-year-old Amin know that there is nothing wrong in being gay or trans. He said that being trans was not a protected characteristic by the British law, so he saw no need in teaching children about it. In fact, gender identity is one of the main characteristics mentioned in the Equality Act 2010, so being trans is a protected characteristic in the British law. Jabar Hussain has instructed lawyers to seek a judicial review over the issue if the council doesn’t back down, saying that the LGBT+ inclusive relationships lessons were risky for the child and they were a threat for him as a practicing Muslim.


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