Sam Smith wants a daddy! Non-binary star wants to date older men as they admit feeling lonely during lockdown


Sam Smith is upset. British singer fells so lonely during COVID-19 lockdown. Smith said he wants to date an older man. Star had relationship with Brandon Flynn. It was the last public relationship. Now Smith uses different Dating apps like Raya and hoped to meet someone there. But he told he wants more romance. ‘I think I want to be with someone older now’, Smithexplained. Lockdown is really difficult for singer. Fans know about his mental health throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, Smith was sure, he have been sickened with Coronavirus. He was also under fire after he posted a picture of himself crying and wrote “stages of a quarantine meltdown”. A lot of haters started to comment it. “Sometimes people can read it wrongly but that wasn’t really meaning it in a malicious or nasty way, I was just trying to be myself”, Smith added.


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