Tanzanian homophobic governor is banned from the USA


Paul Makonda is the governor of Tanzania’s most-populated city, Dar es Salaam, and he is responsible for the anti-gay purge in the city less than two years ago. By the time he said that he wanted his city to be cleared from broken down moral values that could affect the future generations, and he considered getting rid of gay people as the first step to such a moral purity. Tanzania is a country where being gay is illegal and Makonda believes it to be fair. Now, two years after Makonda began hunting gay people, the US State Department have announced that he and his immediate family members are banned from entering the United States because his policy is threatening such basic human rights as life, safety and liberty. “He has also been implicated in oppression of the political opposition, crackdowns on freedom of expression and association, and the targeting of marginalized individuals. The United States remains deeply concerned over deteriorating respect for human rights and rule of law in Tanzania,” the statement reads.


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