Lady Gaga is helping millions of students robbed of a proper graduation celebrate their achievements


Many students have been robbed of celebration their graduation this year because of COVID-19 pandemic. But in our world there are people who want to do something for others. Lady Gaga is one of these people. She decided to help students. She is sure that students need to celebrate because they worked hard on their success. Singer together with Barack and Michelle Obama will organize YouTube graduation event Dear Class of 2020. This event will take place on the 6th of June. Lady Gaga will be one of the main speakers there. Headliners of the Dear Class of 2020 are Barack and Michelle Obama. Among speakers are Condoleezza Rice,Robert M. Gatesand others. Students will enjoy such performers as Kelly Rowland,Alicia Keys and Kerry Washington. This graduation ceremony will be possible thanks to Michelle Obama’s initiative “Reach Higher”and Lady Gaga’s foundation“Born This Way”.


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