People are selling ‘thank you NHS’ rainbow flags that definitely don’t resemble LGBT+ Pride flags at all. Not one bit


On eBay there are a lot of rainbow flags selling. They look like LGBT flags. British families decided to make this world brighter. Parents encouraged their children to draw rainbows and to hang it in windows. In such way families want to express gratitude tomedics. It became a trend in many countries. But some anti-LGBT people didn’t appreciate it at all. People from queer community noticed funny side of the rainbow flags which are sold on eBay. People are sure that National Health Service’becomes ‘National Homosexual Service’. Rainbow flags costs £5.69. These flags are being shipped from China. Since flag became available, more than 150 have been already sold. Another seller proposes rainbow flags for £6.99. These flags are being shipped from Ireland. Reviews are positive. Sellers say that rainbow NHS flag and Pride flag are completely different.


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