Man shot dead by ‘secret gay lover’ after his own mother allegedly tried to blackmail them over their relationship


Horrible incident took place in Moscow. A gay man was shot. His killer was a secret lover. The murder is connected with blackmail plot. It occurred at the apartment where 23-years-old man lived with his mother. Another man (28) who was a close friend appeared there at 11am. Neighbours becamewitnesses of the incident. They told men argued in the corridor and one of them (victim) wanted to break up with another. There was a mother in the apartment too and she joined them in the corridor. The man took out a gun and shot. Shots came into lover’s stomach. Mother wanted to protect her son and killer turned the gun on her. After that he shot himself in the neck. Maybe he wanted to commit suicide. When the ambulance came, son already died. They could save mother’s and lover’s lives. It became known that the mother wanted to blackmail men with intimate photos. This incident is investigating by the police now.


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