Teenager must pay trans PCSO damages after rudely questioning his gender while he was on duty


Declan Armstrong, 19, repeatedly shouted “Is it a boy or is it a girl?” at police community support officer Connor Freel as he was patrolling the streets of Mold, North Wales, in October at the center of the town crowded with people. In a statement Freel told the court of his work to raise awareness of transphobic hate crime. He said he was aware that he could turn himself into a target for abuse doing a public job, but being transgender is not something to hide or to be ashamed of. Armstrong “doesn’t hold any prejudice against anyone in society,” his defense lawyer claimed, adding that he suffers from mental health problems which make it harder for him to control his behavior from the point of view of social acceptability. He was convicted of using abusive or insulting words with intent to cause harassment, with prosecutors applying for a harsher sentence to reflect the hate crime aspect. Armstrong was put under a nighttime curfew and ordered to pay £590 – including the £200 compensation to Freel.


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