Meet Zach Sullivan, the first openly bi ice hockey player


As the British ice hockey players decided to celebrate the first Pride weekend in history of this sport, the Manchester Storm star Zach Sullivan used this opportunity to publicly reveal that LGBT Pride has always been personally related to him because he is attracted to both men and women. As far as we can judge, there has never been any ice hockey pro before who would come out as bisexual while in sport. But 25-year-old Sullivan does not believe that there are no other bisexual hockey players, he just thinks these people need courage to come out, and he hopes that his story will inspire them to do it. He said that his coming out was not motivated by the desire of public attention. It was a result of a longtime battle with mental health disorders, caused by the inability to accept who he is, but now he has come in terms with his sexuality and he is ready to speak about it fearlessly.


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