A proud gay Black man was found dead hours after his family reported him missing


McKinsley LaKeith Lincoln (29), gay Black man, was found in the street. A man was dead. He had gunshot wound. His family was searching for him after they filled missing persons report. The thing is,McKinsley’s relatives were not informed that he was found dead and they continued searching. His family was informed later through their neighbours who saw news about it. The whole family was really upset because of the lack of cooperation with police, so they decided to turn to the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC). NBJC is an organisation which empowers Black LGBT people. Later it became known thatLaKeith Lincoln’s death is connected with gay hate crime. Lincoln’s mother told he was openly gay who was often discriminated. “The police had not done enough to fulfill their oath. They haven’t protected and served us”, she said. NBJC is trying to do everything possible to help family.


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