Online troll who made homophobic and racist posts ‘dripping with hate and contempt’ was not punished


An internet troll who wrote hundreds of hateful comments of homophobic and racist nature and even filed a guilty plea at court walked out of it freely.Luke Crompton, 30, had two profiles on the Russian social media site VKontakte (VK), both of which “prominently” displayed symbols of and allegiance to far-right groups proclaiming the ideology of white supremacy. Over nine months in 2018 he posted a vast amount of material “expressing hatred and contempt” for people of color, people of different religions and LGBT people, as well as those who support them. Crompton’s defense lawyer told the court that he did not actually harbor racist or homophobic views and had been “influenced and exploited” online by “unscrupulous individuals” as he was developmentally delayed and allegedly autistic.Although the judge condemned Crompton’s “deeply offensive” posts he allowed him to walk free from court, noting his “vulnerability” and the risk of exploitation and radicalisation in a prison environment. He was sentenced to a two-year community order with a requirement of 30 rehabilitation days.


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